Our Areas of Expertise

1. Computer Infrastructure
              - Networks - design and support
              - Computers & Printers
              - Internet sharing & monitoring
              - Remote VPN access to all office computers and information

2. E-mail Management:
              - Effective, fast & reliable e-mail
              - Search & sort e-mail

3. Customer management:
              - Track leads
              - Increase sales
              - 27 things you should know about your customers

4. Backup Management:
              - Backup services and management
              - Scheduled and monitoring services available
              - Cloud backup solutions

5. Information management:
             - Manage and find files, documents, e-mail, and other information.                                           - From cost effective solutions like M-files
             - Up to the top: Microsoft Sharepoint. 

6. Independent consultants
We do believe we are very effecticient in how we operate. But we do realise there are some tasks outside our areas of expertise. For this we use top class consultants to assist us.

Aucklandwide/NZwide - Call Now:

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