Effective Information

1. What is info - Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint helps you to set up websites to share information with other people and to manage documents easily from start to finish. It will help you to make better decisions.

3. Fast websites

Research has shown that if you half the response time of a website, you double the number of visitors. Websites that have over 10 second response time quickly loose all their clients.

5. Task management - Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an e-mail application and an excellent way to keep in touch with your colleagues, friends and family. It is a personal organizer which includes a calender, contacts, task manager and note taking. It helps you to sort out e-mails in a neat and visual way. It also has coloured categories to make it easier for you to distinguish different types of information so you can find it quicker.

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2. Fast access to info - Sharepoint

-Microsoft Sharepoint is a free product that is available to download.

4. Share info

Sharepoint was developed by Microsoft as a web application to help  manage and keep track of documents. It allows the benefit of working on documents and keeps it all in one location which will reduce the amount of emails and duplicated work.

6. Time management - Shared               Calendar

Sharepoint has the ability to send your calender information as a snapshot so that you are able to share this information with anyone. It can also send your daily calender as text message to your cell phone as a reminder for they days events.

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