Your Computer Networks $250* WOF

1. Hardware/Software review

A full review of all the hardware and software on all computers will be done, and a printed report will be provided.

2. Security

Your current network security will be evaluated, according to latest security threats and best practices solutions.

3. Open source

We may suggest some open source solutions are available that are highly effective and totally.

4. Remote access

We will explain how remote access can help you access your information, e-mail, documents and accounting from home, or from anywhere in the world.


5. Information management

Information management is now easy, practical, affordable and a necessity.

6. Cloud computing

We will explain cloud computing as a useful add-on, or even a complete replacement for most business processes.

*10 or less computers. Add $100 extra for each additional 10 computers. All in one
location. For larger or more complex networks call us for a quote. - Call Us Now!

Aucklandwide/NZwide - Call Now:

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