Performance Tips

1. Do not use administrator mode

Do not use administrator mode. Create a standard user without
administrator rights and use this instead. Nearly all viruses cannot install without administrator mode.

2. Do not install unneeded software

Do not install any unneeded software, especially free software. Most viruses disguise themselves as useful and free software.

3. Do not use free antivirus solutions

Free anti-virus solutions usually have limited functionality. A bad anti-virus program will slow the system down to a crawl. We support the NZ ESET NOD32 anti-virus.

4. Do not overheat computers

Do not let computers overheat by direct sun light or sucking in dust. The dust will block the fans thereby causing the computer to overheat and possibly damage or burn out components.

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5. Beware of viruses

If a message appear on your screen and offers to remove viruses—switch off, restart and do your own virus scan. This usually is a virus in itself.

6. Microsoft Windows & antivirus software updates EVERY DAY

Update all Microsoft Windows & Office products weekly, and update all anti-virus software daily.

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