Old + New Technologies = New Possibilities

1. Virtualisation

Virtualisation. Solutions like VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen Server, offer totally free solutions. Run multiple server solutions on one hardware box, reducing hardware costs by a usual factor of six.

3. Open source

Open source solutions are available that are highly effective and totally free, if your time is free. (Open source software is free software - you only pay for support).

5. Sharepoint

Information management is now easy, practical, affordable and a necessity.

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2. SBS

Microsoft server software has increased in performance while cost and support costs have vastly dropped. See:

4. Remote access

Remote access can help you access your information, e-mail, documents and accounting from home, or from anywhere in the world.

6. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a useful add-on or even a complete replacement for most business processes.

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